Formed in 2010 from an intergenerational gathering of Filipinx Canadians, the organization aims to address the lack of resources for 2nd and 3rd generation Filipinx Canadians looking to reconnect with their heritage.

To tackle this issue, Tulayan has created programming that serves as an introduction to Philippine history, culture, and language. One of Tulayan’s most popular offering is a ten week Tagalog language course. Designed by a professional linguist and taught by experienced trained instructors, the course has proved to be in high demand among young Filipinx adults. A new program that introduces participants to Tagalog as well as Filipino food will be introduced this year, with the additional goal of highlighting new Filipino businesses in the city. As several of Tulayan’s Board of Directors have started their own families since the organization’s inception,  there has been a revived focus on creating programs that cater to Filipinx children through events such as Filipino Storytime, which introduces kids to the language and culture of the Philippines through songs, stories, games, and craft making.

Tulayan’s mandate of education and community building is also achieved through organizing events that encourage questions and dialogue. Such programs have included hosting speakers and artists from the Filipinx diaspora for presentations on the history and culture of the Philippines, as well as hosting Filipinx journalists to talk about and dissect the country’s current events. Tulayan has also organized screenings of Filipino Films and networking events around Filipino cuisine with the goal of encouraging positive cultural identification and cultivating new connections in the community.

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